Imagine a world where you are in high regard in the art community. You are professional, have a fabulous reputation, and your peers and decision-makers are lined up to want to work and collaborate with you.
  • You are organized and have everything lined up for success.
  • You know the value of your art, your customer, and how to speak and engage with your audience.
  • You continually set new goals and consistently move forward with your art career.
  • You have the confidence to know that not only your artwork stands out but so does your reputation.

ART WORK ATELIER is the blueprint to help you plan, organize and maintain a complete package of professionalism that will allow you to elevate your creative business, attract your dream customers, and give you confidence in sharing your art with the world.

In this course, you will go from feeling stagnant with your creative business to knowing you have everything you need in place to confidently move forward with growing your career further and reaching new goals.


  • Having your essentials organized and on deck so you won't miss another deadline by scrambling to get your act together.
  • A solid digital footprint consisting of a clean, easy-to-navigate website.
  • A strong sense of how to communicate your art and do so with confidence.
  • Knowing exactly who your customers are and how to speak to them with ease.
  • A professional social media presence sharing content that will engage your audience.
  • Having a smart strategy in place for communicating with your audience regularly and how to build it over time.



Check out our intro video from ART WORK ATELIER that will give you the complete rundown of everything we cover.

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Ten Simple Strategies to Grow Your Art Business 
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In Old School Review, we'll get the basics out of the way by setting up a solid ground for your CV, artist bio, and artist statement. It's important to find the right words that connect people to your art. Having each of these on deck and ready to go is foundational and essential to move forward.


We'll cover what should go into Your Digital Footprint and one big action that EVERY artist's website should have. We'll discuss a few major details that should not be overlooked, like what specifics should be on your site, your images, and the importance of editing and sequencing your work. 


In the Artist Brand Strategy we'll dive into branding and the importance of getting to know your customer persona. This lesson is all about the importance of knowing not only your own artist identity but also who your customer is. We'll discuss your artist brand statement and approaches we can take to discover our ideal customer so that you can speak directly to them in your content.


Did you know that email marketing is the number one way to communicate with your audience? In Communication Breakdown Part 1-Email Marketing we'll talk about the importance of creating lead magnets, growing your email list, and speaking directly to your customer with tangible content on a consistent schedule.


In Communication Breakdown Part 2-Social Media Marketing you'll walk away with a clear understanding of what each of the two main social media contenders, Facebook and Instagram will do for you. We’ll talk about setting up your social media accounts as a professional business and the pluses of what each platform can do for us.


We'll talk about Strategy & Etiquette that EVERY artist should have on their radar. Here we will discuss what your social media presence should look like, what to share, as well as hashtags, analytics, and the importance of engagement.


And finally, we will wrap it up with Your Creative Enterprise. We'll share what we hope will be your biggest takeaway from this program and the importance of tracking and monitoring your unique journey.
Each lesson includes worksheets to support you on your journey, and a Digital Footprint Audit so you will know your website and social media…all things digital are working optimally for you.


 We LOVE Resources!! We have a recommended list of online business tools and resources to help you manage your way to success. 

Plus, a comprehensive list exclusively for artists filled with art opportunities, jobs, residencies, funding, and more, all in one place curated just for you!

And yes, we have TWO amazing bonuses that will support you in the process
of elevating your career in art.


If gallery representation is a goal for you, excellent! Here we will break down the steps to take to make that happen in How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Galleries. We'll talk about the importance of doing your research, making sure you are fully prepared, your approach, and what to expect upon representation.
This class includes a Gallery Proposal Breakdown which is an easy template you can use when you are ready for your big approach!


The number one most common question from artists is, "How Do I Price My Art?"

Here we’ll figure out how to approach pricing by researching and understanding the importance of financial tracking. We’ll discuss a few pricing formulas. We’ll talk about price groupings, price transparency, how to handle donations, and options for multiple revenue streams.​​

This class includes an Artwork Commission Agreement template, a worksheet to break down all four methods so you can walk away with your own custom pricing formula, and a worksheet on Ways to Respond If Someone Thinks Your Prices Are Too High.

These classes do an exceptional job at breaking down the many components that go into starting an art business.  What became clear in watching was that we were doing some things exactly right while other things needed to be added, reconsidered or needed refinement.  Every sentence is filled with pertinent information – no added verbiage, so much so that taking notes was essential.  We recommend this to anyone in the early phases of developing a career as an artist as well as those who are already established.  The information covers basic to complex concepts alongside step-by-step instruction to put into practice.  This course is worth many courses. Thank you so much for your contributions in a much-needed domain, Amy!

-Jean Davis & Nancy Wu, Resurrect Studio

I am a hands-on artist, not really well versed in the digital realm. It seemed too big and unknown to even dip my toe into. Art Work Atelier was incredibly helpful, easy to watch and understand. There is so much useful information, and it’s broken down into little chunks that I can go back to and rewatch. It’s the perfect course for artists who don’t know what to do or what to start first. Amy is beyond knowledgeable and wants to help artists take their business to the next level. I feel more prepared than ever to start taking my business and my art online. It’s such a big world, with so much opportunity. I highly recommend this course to any artist starting or who have started but aren’t getting the results they were hoping for!

-Alicia Clare, Sunshine Studios

Being an artist means being creative, but making a living as an artist means knowing how to promote yourself and your work professionally to the widest possible audience. Amy has compiled a series of tutorials that take artists through that process, step by step, so they can share – and sell – what they’ve created. Her clear, concise delivery makes the material palatable and manageable, and the breadth and depth of her knowledge illuminate the subjects from every angle. It’s very helpful to have such guidance, especially for creatives who are often ill equipped to navigate the business aspects of making art.

-Lauren Wolk, poet, artist and New York Times best selling author of Newbury Honor winning Wolf Hollow, Beyond the Bright Sea, Echo Mountain and My Own Lightning

As a studio artist of a “certain age,” keeping up with an online presence is my biggest challenge. Art Work Atelier taught me the range of marketing channels available and how to navigate the do’s and don’ts toward gaining a larger audience for my work. I especially love that the Resources are always available for me to refer back to so that I can work at my own pace toward reaching my particular goals.

-Jackie Reeves, Chalkboard Studio

The Art Work Atelier series is absolutely fantastic. Even as a photographer twenty years into my career, I learned so much. The presentations on brand strategy, social media and email marketing were particularly enlightening and made me realize how much work I still need to do to really maximize my opportunities. I appreciated that each video was short enough to squeeze into my busy schedule and full of practical information that I could realistically apply. I found Amy to be knowledgeable and engaging and overall, the series left me inspired and ready to get down to some serious work.

-Julia Cumes, photographer

Hi, I'm Amy!

When I started my career in the arts industry in 2010, I noticed two types of artists. The artist who sees their practice as a business, and the artist who doesn't understand that there are basic foundations to have in place that they should be bringing to the table. And the difference in working with these two types was significant. 

Throughout those years, I began to sit and work one-on-one with artists from all kinds of backgrounds. Advising, coaching, and mentoring in how to build awareness and run their practice as a business. Each artist came to me with a different set of goals, but overall, there was always the common thread of what needed to be lined up for them foundationally.

Art Fluent has allowed me to connect with artists worldwide, we have reached over 177 countries and territories (and counting). I have used these steps on hundreds of artists to help guide them in their careers, and now I am sharing this process with you!

Especially now, where we find ourselves in a whole new era online. Artists have more control now than ever where they can personally connect with buyers and collectors like never before.

It's time to step up your communication and voice as an artist. It's time to be intentional and invest in your business. This is an investment of time and energy, but it is well worth it and necessary for you to continue to move forward in your practice.

I'm honored you are here, and I can't wait to watch you succeed! We are in such an exciting time, and you can do this! Your art is meant to be shared with the world!




Check out our intro video from ART WORK ATELIER that will give you the complete rundown of everything we cover.

PLUS, we're sharing Ten Simple Strategies to Grow Your Art Business PDF download as a freebie!!

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time.